Monday, December 13, 2010

Cal, I Love It When You Melt Down....

So I had this great idea to surprise Dave with a "family date night" tonight - a Holiday Trolley Tour throughout San Francisco! I thought we'd get to be tourists in our own town and enjoy a night out together ("night" in parent-talk = 5:00pm-6:30pm tour).

I packed roadies for us (spiced apple + Makers Mark for Dave and latte + Baileys for me), tons of food for Cal, jumped on the bus to meet Dave by his office and we were off. They gave us Santa hats when we got on board and started with the carols and truly HORRENDOUS singing by Santa-the-trolley-driver!

All was well when we began...Cal had a great time watching the sights, hearing the ridiculous loud (and did I mention horrendous?) singing and checking out all of the people on board. We cruised through downtown, along the Embarcadero, through the Marina and just when I was checking my watch to realize we were only 45 minutes into a 1 hr, 30 min tour, Cal started fussing.... No, not fussing...m-e-l-t-i-n-g! If Dave and I weren't looking at each other in ever-so-slight boredom (between passing Cal back and forth, we clearly couldn't get to our roadies enough) and then - for the first time - we thanked Cal for freaking out in public. We were just cruising up to Pacific Heights and the trolley dropped us a mere 4 bocks from our apartment!!

"A for Effort" in trying something new, but lesson learned that we aren't holiday trolley peeps (at least not with a squirmy 1-year-old)!


Erika said...

It sounds like Cal needed a "roadie" of his own for this family date night:) Merry Merry Christmas to you, Dave, and Cal!

Anonymous said...

In support of my grandson, I can only take so much of
you grownups in a confined area like a bus, and the singing, what gives with that!

Grandpa Rolf